April 23, 2018 Kiara Grubb 0Comment

Not choosing to operate a pressure washer safely can result in severe injury, but the fact of the matter is that most accidents and injuries could have easily been avoided had the individual using the power washer been educated. A pressure washer may seem just like any other appliance you would use around the house, but many people are seriously surprised when the pressure washer causes lasting damage or injury. Keep in mind that pressure washers use high-pressure as a way to clean, therefore, the PSI is serious enough to cause harm!

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can stay safe and feel at ease operating a pressure washer, but you do need to take the following safety tips seriously:

Think Before You Act

Take five minutes before you begin pressure washing the exterior of your property by considering if you’re truly ready for the task and you can be alert every step of the way. Make sure the weather is also proper for operating your power washer as you wouldn’t want to be using the power washer during heavy winds or rainfall. Be smart and take the time to ensure that the area about to be pressure washed is free of any potential hazards such as bikes, toys, children or pets. Lastly, consider all of the ways that you can get hurt and figure out ways you can avoid them i.e. not tripping over the stairs and wearing protective gear.

Always Wear Appropriate Protective Gear

Just because you’re using the pressure washer at home doesn’t excuse you from wearing the right protective equipment. No one is there to enforce the rules, but choosing not to wear safety glasses or goggles can result in flying projectiles or even debris entering your eyes. Work boots are a must as they can keep your feet safe and gloves can help prevent injection injuries on your hand. Though not always a necessity, eye protection is worth considering if you are going to be using a gas powered pressure washer for an extended amount of time. Lastly, there’s going to be flying debris so you need to wear pants!

Read The Entire User Manual

There’s no excuse for not reading the user manual that came with your pressure washer. Chances are it’s only a few pages long and you can easily avoid getting hurt or doing something you shouldn’t be doing by understanding how the machine works. The user manual can also help you prolong the life of your pressure washer by operating it correctly.

Do Not Work At Height

The worst thing you can do is to operate your pressure washer standing on a ladder. It may seem like a good idea to give your building a thorough cleaning, but pressure washing at height can create a serious hazard and a potential fatality should you fall. You can prevent ever getting hurt by using an extension wand for your washer and planting your feet firmly on the ground.

Not only can you damage the surface you’re working with when you operate your pressure washer incorrectly, but you can injure yourself or even die. The tips above may be somewhat common sense, but they can also keep you out of harm’s way. Don’t forget that pressure washer brands and models may differ, but basic safety guidelines of operation do not!