September 21, 2017 Kiara Grubb 0Comment

So, you are ready to move forward in the house renting, buying or construction process, but are yet to decide on whether you want a single or a double-storey layout. Well, you are not alone: the choice can be quite challenging especially for first-time homebuyers and renters. Most people find themselves struggling to decide whether one or two-floor living would be ideal for their needs and lifestyles. However, in my opinion, single storey homes have a lot to offer that would be ideal, especially for those who want to start families.

One-storey living provides unparalleled benefits and features.

While double storey homes have gained popularity in the recent years, it is important not to overlook the many features and advantages that one-storey options have to offer, particularly homes that come with suitably installed top of the line luxury amenities. Choosing a one-storey layout has a huge array of benefits including:

Higher Ceilings

Do you like the look of vaulted and cathedral ceilings? Well, they will be hard to come by in a home with multiple storeys. However, by keeping the living space on the ground level, the sky becomes the limit on how high you want the ceilings.

More Square Footage

Depending on the style of home you want to buy, rent or build, a one-storey layout can actually deliver more room to roam that its double-storey counterparts. That is because you won’t have to sacrifice valuable space for the stairways.

No Upstairs Traffic

There’s no denying that living in a two-floor plan can mean heavy and disrupting foot traffic and upstairs noise that can be a pain for everyone downstairs. Of course, this can be negated with better construction, but living in a single-storey house means you will never have to worry about a person with a heavy tread making noise just over your head.

Safer for Kids and Pets

Most double-storey houses have bedrooms upstairs, and that means the homeowners have to safeguard and childproof the windows to protect the kids and pets from falling. However, choosing a single-storey home immediately eliminates the chances of a second level fall from happening.

Fewer Bathrooms Needed

On homes with a one-level plan, the owners actually need fewer total bathrooms as everything is on the same level. This can save you a significant amount of money when purchasing or constructing the property and even save you in annual taxes throughout the time you live in the residence. Fewer bathrooms also imply lesser time and energy spent in cleaning and maintenance.

Easier to Evacuate

Nobody likes to think about an emergency happening at home, but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of it happening. By having everyone on a single-level living space, you increase the odds of faster evacuation, should the need arise.

Use a Reputable Contractor for Your Next House

If you plan on constructing the home, the only to ensure you get everything you want is by hiring a reputable building contractor with experience in one-storey home construction. You will have access to their architectural expertise and knowledge, thus helping guarantee excellent results.