October 29, 2017 Kiara Grubb 0Comment

Gardening is sure to be a fun, rewarding and self-satisfying hobby but considering the hours you spend outside under the sun while working in the garden, you are sure to think of better ways on how to protect your skin. No one can deny that excessive sun exposure can lead to skin damage, sunburn and more.

Man gardeners have actually suffered from sunburn simply because they failed to protect themselves. Onset of sunburn is commonly shown by pink and hot skin. Later on, there will be burning pain, blistering and swelling. Individuals with sunburn may also experience peeling. This means that skin tightens up to protect itself against sun damage. If the burned skin continues to be exposed into the sun, damages cannot be repaired. Over time, these mutations might add up to cancer which is often linked to working unprotected under the sun.

Recommended Ways to Protect Your Skin from Sunburn When Working in the Garden

Whether you are gardening indoors or outdoors, it’s highly imperative to protect your skin from harmful and potentially damaging rays of the sun. If you wanted to ensure complete skin protection, you can consider the following ways:

• Apply Sunscreen to You Skin Which Will Be Fully Exposed to Direct Sunlight

Using sunscreen does not just protect your skin from the sun but also moisturizes it and make the skin soft. So if you wanted to protect your skin from sunburn, apply sunscreen in hourly basis or as required or needed. It’s important for gardeners to apply sunscreen every hour especially when the temperature is hot because this causes you to sweat a lot and wear sunscreen off your skin on faster pace.

• Always Wear Protective Clothing When Gardening

You must wear quality gardening gloves to effectively protect your skin in the hands and the arms against blistering and getting calluses and also protect it from being scraped or cut by sharp plants or by thorns. When working on the garden, you are also advised to wear waterproof shoes or any comfortable shoes or rubber boots to protect your skin from blistering on wet weather condition.

Wearing long sleeves and pants is also one recommended way to protect your skin from sunburn when working in the garden. This also helps prevent your skin from direct contacts with harmful chemicals. You can also wear a hat with wider brim to effectively protect your neck and face from being so exposed into direct sunlight.

• Get Rid of Poisonous Plants

Some individuals may not know it but one good way on how to protect the skin not just from sunburn but other potential damages is to get rid of poisonous plants. If the skin comes in contact with these plants, these will trigger rashes, itching and unpleasant symptoms. So, you need to familiarize yourself more about the plants that you grow and cultivate in your garden.

These are ways that you need to keep in mind if you wanted complete skin protection when gardening. Also, do not apply scented lotions, aftershave and perfumes into your skin before gardening for these will just attract insects, mosquitoes and other garden pests into your skin.