May 30, 2017 Kiara Grubb

While it may seem a hard thing to believe, air compressors come in handy in the garden. The versatile yet powerful equipment can be used to tackle various gardening problems and chores quickly. Outlined below are 5 of the many ways you can use this magnificent tool in the garden.

To clean hoses

While we use garden hoses to water the plants or even clean other equipment, they too need to be cleaned once in a while, especially when they are no longer required.  Although most people will just roll the hoses then store then in the garage, you should always take some time to blow any water off the pipes. An air compressor does a pretty good job in blowing any water and moisture out of the hoses. You will however need a special adapter to help connect these hoses to the compressor. Expert gardeners recommend using the air compressor to winterize water pipes, as well as remove debris accumulation in the hose.

Spraying pesticides, fungicides, and weeding

Instead of using the regular pump to spray fungicides and pesticides onto your garden, why not use the air compressor instead? It is more efficient. The best thing with using an air compressor is that you can use it to spray pesticides onto larger plants such as trees. It also goes without saying that the air compressor is much stronger than the regular pumps you may have in the garage. You will however require a specialized/professional spraying unit for this to be a success.

To pump water

An air compressor is a perfect alternative to electric pumps that often fail due to power outage or even storms. For this to work, you will need a special water pump that uses ‘the air lift method’ to pump water to various ends of the garden with ease. Such pumps are mostly used to pump water from underground water storage units to the surface. One of the main advantages of using the air compressor to aid in pumping water is that you can set water pressure easily, hence no risk of damaging your crops.

Run Oxygenators

If you are more into aquaculture and prefer rearing your own fish, an air compressor will then be an efficient yet affordable way to pump oxygen into the fish pond. The air compressor can be used to pump air (bubble gasses) into the water thus ensuring a fresh supply of oxygen for the organisms inside. Running an air compressor is also considerably more affordable as compared to purchasing and running an oxygenator.

To clean equipment and garden products

You can also use the air compressor to clean almost all garden equipment and produce from the same. This equipment helps aerosolize water, which improves its cleaning efficiency, hence an excellent tool for cleaning muddy equipment once done planting or other messy gardening chores. In addition to this, the aerosolized water can be used to clean various items, and especially root vegetables and tubers. You never have to worry about washing your potatoes, turnips, onions, carrots, or even cabbages in the house again.

These are just but a few ways you can make use of an air compressor that may be lying around in the store. The uses of an air compressor aren’t limited to the house or the garden. Some creativity is however required to make use of this handy equipment.…

April 19, 2017 Kiara Grubb

Nothing beats a beautiful yard with a stunning outdoor view, but when prying eyes invade your private space, covering up might help cope up with the issue of privacy.

As time passes by, bigger houses tend to occupy the smaller lots in the neighborhood, and when you’re left with the short end of the stick, your personal space might be jeopardized because of so much open space. Outdoor privacy screens are a trendy way to add privacy to your home, it can give your yard a simple look and feel while blocking some of those unwanted attention, to start with, here are some outdoor privacy screens that you can check out.

Manufactured Screens

The first type of privacy screens is made up of aluminum, glass, wood, vinyl or other materials. Enjoy your yard without worrying about your neighbors looking over your shoulder with these classic type screens. Specially crafted to withstand harsh weathers, these types of screens will help make your yard look cleaner and more appealing than other screens, It’s weather resistant and it’s also available in different set of materials, sizes, and colors, a lot for you to choose from, in addition, not only are they transferable and movable, they’re very affordable and easy to store, and depending on the design, outdoor screens can also be used in the garden to support climbing vines. Aluminum fences are usually used in homes with swimming pools, it’s used to add more class and appeal to the pool, and you can find a lot of these designs and brands on websites that offer outdoor screen installations like Glass Boundaries Style.

Organic Screens

a man cutting a hedge in the garden. yard work.

The second type of outdoor privacy screens is made from plants such as shrubs or bushes and trees, known as Living screens, they are designed to fit in the landscape of your yard through blending with the shrubs and trees. Using this method would cost you less, but given the fact that you’re actually planting the screen, it would require a lot of time to grow. Putting up this kind of screen requires planning ahead, because the precise placement of these plants is essential in making it look natural. The plants can be planted in pots which would allow you to move it to a different locations easily.

Hybrid Screens

The third kind of outdoor screen is a mixture of both living and non-living materials. This is the best type of outdoor privacy screen that you can get, the combination of plant life and non-living materials would give you a wide range of designs to choose from, not only does it give your home privacy, it also gives you a screen that will last from season to season. You can combine colorful shrubs and bushes to create an all natural screen with a strong base that could last a lifetime.

Your yard should be a place where you feel secure and comfortable in whatever activities you wish to do without any distractions from the outside world. Whether it is made out of aluminum, wood, vinyl, or glass, an outdoor privacy screen is one way to secure your privacy, by choosing one of the type of privacy screens that suits your taste, you can enjoy a peaceful backyard without worrying about other people intruding on your precious time.…