Hey there! I am Sherley. I live in New York. Here I talk about transforming houses and making it an extraordinary place to live in. I started this blog in 2006. I have renovated three homes and have handled various DIY projects. I was enthusiastic about home improvement from a very early stage of my life. Even when I used to live with my parents, I used to give them suggestions on where they might make some changes in the house. My interest has encouraged me to start this blog.
Here you will find everything you need for a DIY project. You will know about the tools required, the skills needed, tips and tricks, etc. You will find plenty of home improvement ideas for every season. You will get home maintenance tips too. You will get references to a lot of books which you can read to gain knowledge in this area. There is a forum where you can express your views and get answers to your questions. I update my blog regularly, so you will get something new every day. Hope you find this blog useful.