April 19, 2017 Kiara Grubb

Nothing beats a beautiful yard with a stunning outdoor view, but when prying eyes invade your private space, covering up might help cope up with the issue of privacy.

As time passes by, bigger houses tend to occupy the smaller lots in the neighborhood, and when you’re left with the short end of the stick, your personal space might be jeopardized because of so much open space. Outdoor privacy screens are a trendy way to add privacy to your home, it can give your yard a simple look and feel while blocking some of those unwanted attention, to start with, here are some outdoor privacy screens that you can check out.

Manufactured Screens

The first type of privacy screens is made up of aluminum, glass, wood, vinyl or other materials. Enjoy your yard without worrying about your neighbors looking over your shoulder with these classic type screens. Specially crafted to withstand harsh weathers, these types of screens will help make your yard look cleaner and more appealing than other screens, It’s weather resistant and it’s also available in different set of materials, sizes, and colors, a lot for you to choose from, in addition, not only are they transferable and movable, they’re very affordable and easy to store, and depending on the design, outdoor screens can also be used in the garden to support climbing vines. Aluminum fences are usually used in homes with swimming pools, it’s used to add more class and appeal to the pool, and you can find a lot of these designs and brands on websites that offer outdoor screen installations like Glass Boundaries Style.

Organic Screens

a man cutting a hedge in the garden. yard work.

The second type of outdoor privacy screens is made from plants such as shrubs or bushes and trees, known as Living screens, they are designed to fit in the landscape of your yard through blending with the shrubs and trees. Using this method would cost you less, but given the fact that you’re actually planting the screen, it would require a lot of time to grow. Putting up this kind of screen requires planning ahead, because the precise placement of these plants is essential in making it look natural. The plants can be planted in pots which would allow you to move it to a different locations easily.

Hybrid Screens

The third kind of outdoor screen is a mixture of both living and non-living materials. This is the best type of outdoor privacy screen that you can get, the combination of plant life and non-living materials would give you a wide range of designs to choose from, not only does it give your home privacy, it also gives you a screen that will last from season to season. You can combine colorful shrubs and bushes to create an all natural screen with a strong base that could last a lifetime.

Your yard should be a place where you feel secure and comfortable in whatever activities you wish to do without any distractions from the outside world. Whether it is made out of aluminum, wood, vinyl, or glass, an outdoor privacy screen is one way to secure your privacy, by choosing one of the type of privacy screens that suits your taste, you can enjoy a peaceful backyard without worrying about other people intruding on your precious time.…

April 10, 2017 Kiara Grubb

If you think that you are paying too much utility bills and that your home is still not that comfortable, then you would make your home more energy efficient. You should think of reducing energy waste also. By dealing with energy losses, you will be able to contribute to the sustainability of the environment. Here are some DIY green home improvement ideas that you can implement in your home.


Proper insulation will keep your house protected throughout the year. If there are parts of your home where the insulation is lacking, cold or hot air may get in and lead to energy loss. You should be concerned about your attic, floors, walls, basement and crawlspace. You can add insulation to your attic. If you need insulation in hard-to-reach areas, then you should call a professional contractor to do the work for you.

Solar water heater

It uses the sun’s energy to heat the water. It is very affordable and you will see the savings within a few years. As water heater accounts for about 25% of your energy bills, you can save 50% – 80% money by having a solar water heater.

Caulking and weatherstripping

Heating and cooling account for about 30% of your energy bills. If there are any cracks between indoors and outdoors, then heat will escape in winter and cold air will escape in summer. Caulking the cracks is a very economical home improvement that you can do. It will improve the energy efficiency of your home. Waterstripping also prevents unwanted air from escaping or entering the house.

These DIY home improvement ideas will contribute positively to the environment and reduce your utility bills over time. You should implement these ideas in your home and see the difference in your energy bills yourself.…

April 10, 2017 Kiara Grubb

When it’s remodeling time for your home, you find yourself in a dilemma whether to hire a professional or do-it-yourself. Well, if you have a budget constraint, then you should go for DIY projects. In order to do the works yourself, you need some essential tools. Here are the best tools you need to buy for your home remodeling projects.

Oscillating Multi-Tool

These tools have interchangeable accessories that help to do common works comfortably.It can also do difficult tasks that are not possible to do with other tools. So, this tool can be very handy.

Cordless Drill

Cordless Drills were not available before the 1980s. Though it was invented in 1961 by Black and Decker, but it wasn’t of much use until the higher powered nickel cadmium batteries were introduced. With this battery, the cordless drill is a very powerful tool and very useful for home remodeling projects.

Flat Pry Bar

You need a pry bar for your home renovating project. A claw hammer can be used to take out nails, but a pry bar can do much more tasks along with taking out nails. For example, you can use it to push two things apart by placing it in the middle. You cannot do this with a crowbar.

Side-Cutting or Lineman’s Pliers

It is one of the best tools you can have in your toolbox. It will not bend or break. The side cutters can do three things: cut, grip, and pound. This tool is essential for your home remodeling work.
So, these tools should be in your toolbox before you start your DIY home remodeling project. The tools are very useful and will make your work very comfortable.

April 10, 2017 Kiara Grubb

DIY roofing projects are trickier and riskier than other home improvement projects. You need to be extremely cautious while working. Here are five safety measures you must take.


Wear appropriate footwear

You should use a good pair of rubber-soled work boots when doing roof works. There are many stores where you will find special work boots that have extra grippy material on the soles and larger tread.

Check the ladder

You should make sure that the bottom of your ladder has anti-slip safety shoes. You should make sure that the tread is not worn out. Both the shoes must be well fastened. You should check the ground underneath the ladder to make sure that it’s even. You should have ladder stakes to attach the ladder to the ground.

Consider a safety harness

If the roof is higher than ten feet and you wish to spend a long time on the roof, then you should get a safety harness. A roof harness will save you from falling off the roof.

Consider the weather

You should plan your DIY roofing project based on the weather forecast. A little moisture can affect the shingles’ texture and create a risky environment to work. You will have more chances of falling or slipping. So, you must avoid bad weather.

Be knowledgeable

Nowadays, many people are going for DIY projects, whether they have the adequate knowledge or not. They do this to save money. But you shouldn’t do something you don’t know about. So, learn the things you need to know before starting a DIY roofing project.

You must remember these five points before starting your DIY roofing project. You don’t want to be the victim of a major accident while trying to save on your roofing project. So, just be careful all the time.…